Notification Of Uncertain Tax Treatments: How Can Businesses Prepare?

UK Tax Focus series
Host: Mark Kennedy
Presenters: Chris Gault, David Walters, Beth Slayden, Arfan Iqbal

(On demand, aired 16 November 2021)

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The HMRC proposal on Notification of Uncertain Tax Treatment (NUTT) if implemented will provide HMRC with information on significant tax uncertainties that they consider could contribute to the legal interpretation tax gap. Draft legislation was published in July 2021 and draft guidance in August 2021, with the new rules, if enacted, applying to returns due to be filed on or after 1 April 2022. What should your organisation do to prepare for the new requirements? We’ll discuss:

      • What the proposed requirements are, and who is potentially impacted.
      • How businesses can prepare:
        • what processes should be put in place
        • how uncertain tax treatments should be identified and evaluated.

Discover how the requirements could impact your organisation.

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