Digital Services Tax – Update On The Latest Developments In Europe, Africa, And Canada

International series
Host: Kate Ramm
Presenters: Jose Ignacio Garcia Box, Yolande Van Der Post, Jonathan Kazure, Megan Seto

(15 September 2021)

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A number of countries including Italy, Spain, the UK and Kenya have introduced unilateral measures to tax certain digital revenues, and Canada have proposed such a tax. What does your organisation need to be aware of regarding the new rules? We’ll discuss:

  • Results overview and dashboard.
  • The upcoming payment and filing obligations for the UK and Spain.
  • The differences between the taxes as well as the proposals in Canada.
  • Practical issues and areas of uncertainty and how clients are dealing with those.
  • The compliance deadlines for the second half of 2021.

Find out more about how the changes might impact your organisation.

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