Bringing SAP Tax Determination And Real Time Tax Controls To The Next Level

SAP S/4HANA® series
Host: Martijn van Hoof
Joost Dumeez

(25 Jan 2022)

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In today’s environment companies are changing their business models and global supply chains more frequently and therefore need to be increasingly agile. Tax authorities on the other hand are continuously imposing new impactful legal requirements. Tax functions are struggling with a lack of control and governance over their increasingly complex chain transactions and detailed analysis is often required to identify incorrect and incompliant transactions. This contradicts with the ‘getting it right first time’ concept required as a result of the increased digitisation and integration with the tax authorities. What does your organisation need to be thinking about and how can SAP S/4HANA® help you? We’ll discuss:

  • Tax supply chain control.
  • Indirect tax determination.
  • What the options are.

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