Offshore Receipts In Respect Of Intangible Property

International Tax series
Host: Shaun Lucey
Presenters: Rob Keogh and from HMRC - Laura Rankine, Fiona Mashford, Mel Farquhar

(On demand, aired 25 Nov 2020)

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The Offshore Receipts in Respect of Intangible Property (ORIP) rules were introduced with effect from 6 April 2019, extending the scope of UK tax to include receipts derived from intangibles referable to UK sales, regardless of UK residency. Entities coming within the charge as a result of these rules were required to notify HMRC by 5 October 2020, although there is still time to ensure compliance. Provided entities submit income tax returns and settle liabilities by 31 January 2021 no penalties should arise from missing the deadline. What does your organisation need to think about now? Members of the HMRC team join us on this webcast to discuss:

  • A recap of the rules.
  • Administrative requirements.
  • Practical considerations when assessing the application of the rules.

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