On The Remuneration Committee Agenda – Year End Decisions And Looking Ahead

Global Mobility and Employment Taxes series
Host: Mitul Shah
Presenters: Stephen Cahill, Katie Kenny

(On demand, aired 10 Dec 2020)

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As many companies approach the year end, remuneration committees will be balancing a range of stakeholder views when finalising key decisions for 2020, in the context of continued economic uncertainty and evolving investor guidance. Looking to the year ahead, we expect to see greater diversity of approaches when setting incentives, as committees seek to ensure that remuneration policies support the delivery of innovative leadership and business resilience in the current environment. What should remuneration committees and HR teams be thinking about? We’ll discuss:

  • Recent guidance from investors on the 2021 AGM season.
  • Latest market and pulse survey insights.
  • Safeguarding against windfall gains when granting awards – considerations and approaches.

Understand how you can plan ahead for your business.

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