SAP Tax Compliance

SAP S/4HANA® series
Host: Andreas Kowallik
Presenters: Doukje de Haan, Vikram Khanna, Gerhard Hafner (SAP)

(On demand, aired 13 Jan 2021)

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Due to the increased scrutiny by tax authorities globally, further requirements for real-time reporting and obligations such as standard audit files for Tax (SAF-T) are obligatory. Businesses need the ability to effectively and efficiently identify potential tax errors in their source systems and make the necessary adjustments within a timely manner. SAP Tax Compliance allows tailored checks to be applied to transactions on an instantaneous basis, allowing your organisation to verify whether transactions have been compliant and initiate the compliance process. What does your organisation need to consider? We’ll discuss:

  • An overview of SAP Tax Compliance.
  • The functionality for tax compliance, audit defense, and workflow management.

Learn more about how to improve the tax functionality of your organisation.

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