UK Autumn Budget 2021

UK Tax Focus series
Host: Amanda Tickel
Presenters: James Warwick, Mark Saunderson, Gareth Pritchard, David Simarro

(28 October 2021)

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer will present the next UK Budget on Wednesday 27 October. The Autumn Budget will provide a further opportunity for the Treasury to make tax announcements and set the Government’s agenda for taxation matters going forward. This Budget will presented along with the outcomes of the Treasury’s Spending Review, setting budgets for UK government departments for the next three years. There will also be an update from the Office for Budget Responsibility on the latest state of the country’s finances. How might the proposals affect you? We’ll discuss:

  • How the UK’s economy is changing.
  • Tax measures affecting businesses, both directly and as employers.
  • Taxation of individuals.
  • Indirect tax changes.

Join our panel of experts as they discuss the implications of the Autumn Budget.

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