US Tax Policy Outlook

International Tax series
Host: Marek Krawczyk
Presenters: Matvey Kats, Jonathan Traub

(On demand, aired 9 Dec 2021)

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President Biden and a Democratic-controlled US Congress continue to work to advance a major tax and spending package that could bring significant changes to the tax rules affecting multinational corporate groups. What could the changes mean for your organisation? We’ll discuss:

  • The outlook for enactment based on the current political landscape in US Congress.
  • Potential for changes to the top tax rate on corporations and minimum tax on book earnings.
  • Tax changes under consideration impacting international operations and non-US parented companies.

Of course, if legislation is enacted before this session, we will do a deep dive into provisions most important to multinational businesses.

Find out more about how the proposals could impact organisations in EMEA.

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