Air Passenger Duty

The measure

Air Passenger Duty (APD) rates for long haul flights will increase in line with RPI from April 2022. The rate for long-haul economy flights from Great Britain will increase by £2, and rates for premium economy and above will increase by £5. The rate for long-haul travel by private jet will increase by £13. 

There will be no changes to short haul rates which means that the reduced and standard short-haul rates will remain frozen at the same level since 2012. 


Who will be affected?

The travel and aviation industry, and its customers. 


When will the measure come into effect?

The APD rates will be as follows:


From 1 April 2022

(distance in miles from London)

Reduced rate
(lowest class of travel)

Standard rate (1)
(other than the lowest
class of travel)

Higher rate (2)

Band A
(0 – 2,000 miles)




Band B
(over 2,000 miles)





(1) If any class of travel provides a seat pitch in excess of 1.016 metres (40 inches) the standard rate is the minimum rate that applies.


(2) The higher rate applies to flights aboard aircraft of 20 tonnes and above with fewer than 19 seats.

Our view

Individuals who travel to long haul destinations will see an increase in price, however, the increase is in line with RPI, constituting a real-terms freeze.