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European Union: Reform of EU VAT rates 

The Council of the European Union has agreed the text of a proposed directive on long-debated and welcome reforms to EU VAT. The proposals are a significant step, but must be endorsed by the European Parliament before the Council can formally adopt the directive.

Germany: Federal government coalition agreement

The coalition agreement between the Social Democratic Party, the Free Democratic Party, and the Green Party contains VAT proposals in numerous areas. The focus for tax policy is on combatting fraud and on digitization and simplification of the tax system.

Malaysia: Duty drawback applications

The application process for customs duty drawback on re-exportation of goods was subject to burdensome administrative requirements. To facilitate trade and improve the process, certain drawback applications will no longer require physical submission of some documents.

United Kingdom: Tax administration and maintenance day

On tax administration and maintenance day, the government published a policy paper, and a number of consultations, calls for evidence, and other documents related to tax policy development and the tax system, including a number of indirect tax measures.

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