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OECD: Report on pricing of carbon emissions

The OECD has released a new report on pricing carbon emissions through taxes and emissions trading. It analyzes the pricing of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from energy use, including fuel excise taxes, carbon taxes, and tradable emission permit prices.

OECD: Report on gig economy and VAT/GST

The OECD has also released a report on the impact of the growth of the sharing and gig economy on VAT/GST policy and administration, aimed at helping tax authorities design and implement effective VAT/GST policy responses, covering a range of potential solutions.

New Zealand: Taxing social media

The tax authorities have issued a draft statement on tax issues for social media influencers, recognizing that they require tailored tax guidance for their nuanced circumstances. The draft statement includes income tax and GST issues, with a focus on barter transactions.

Oman: Guidance on VAT registration by nonresidents

Following the introduction of VAT in Oman as from 16 April 2021, the tax authorities have issued additional guidance and clarification regarding simplified VAT invoices, VAT registration by nonresidents, and the policy for ongoing VAT registration.

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